We are Richard and Diya Heal and we live in Seal Rock, Oregon. We have great love and respect for Mother Earth, the trees, the ocean,  plants and animals and humanity as a whole. We love and value the fresh air, healthy food and clean water we have access to in Oregon and want for every being on the planet to have access and be able to enjoy these things too. 


In March 2018, the local waste management companies announced new recycling guidelines. The only plastics we are able to recycle now are bottles and jugs with recycle code #1 and #2. All other plastics go in the landfill.


This was very alarming. The coastal area is greatly affected by the proliferation of plastic into the oceans.  A major industry for this region is fishing. We need a clean ocean. If the ocean dies, so do we.


Recycling is not a viable option anymore, so our approach is REFUSE, REUSE and REDUCE. We started educating ourselves and looking for alternatives to plastic. Yes, some plastics can be recycled and reused, however only 9% of all plastic ever made has been recycled. Most of it is down-cycled or ends up in the landfill, the ocean or is shipped to third-world countries to become their burden. Plastic is also created from petroleum (fossil fuel) which is a finite resource and a major contributor to the climate crisis. ​


REFUSE, REUSE and REDUCE is a better approach than recycling!


We identify and search for plastic alternatives that are sustainable and reusable. In our "Alternatives" section, we will include suggestions, recommendations, based on our personal experience, and links (when possible) to the alternative products.

We receive NO money for any of the products listed. We are not part of any referral or distribution program. We just want to share, encourage and inspire others to make small changes that will have a BIG and positive impact on our planet.

We try to consolidate information regarding plastic use and keep the information current. If you notice any inaccuracies or have suggestions please contact us.