Alternatives to Single Use

Water Bottles

Replace Single Use Bottles.

Save $1000/yr+ and the environment:

How many bottles of water do you buy per day?

How much do you spend on bottled water?

For Example:


3 bottles at $1 each = $1095/yr. The same amount from a filtered faucet about $1/yr.  A faucet filter system for a year could cost under $50. Add your reusable water bottle. 

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What can you do instead?

Step 1:

Get a reusable bottle.


Step 2:

Drink tap water - an estimated 25% or more of the bottled water you buy is actually tap water. Might as well drink it for free.

Put a water filter on your faucet. 

Buy a refillable 3-5 gallon water jug. Around 40c per gallon vs $6/gallon. Can refill at most grocery stores.

For carbonated beverages, buy a Soda Stream!  It comes with refillable bottles and a refillable carbonator canister. Once empty, the canisters can be  exchanged at most grocery stores.