Sustainable Cleaning Products

Beechwood Toilet Brush

There are so many zero waste, sustainable toilet brush options available today. This brush is made from Beechwood and is completely compostable. The small, clay dish can be sanitized and reused once the brush reaches the end of it's life. For information on this specific brush, see our 'favorites' page. 

Bamboo Bottle Brush

This long-handled, bamboo brush is perfect for cleaning out reusable water bottles. The nylon bristles can be removed with pliers and the handle put in the yard waste or compost bin at the end of it's life span. There are many options available. 

DIY Cleaners

Instead of using toxic chemicals to clean your home that are unhealthy for you and the environment, here are a few simple recipes I like that actually work! They smell amazing and use ingredients that can be bought in bulk from many grocery stores.


Reusable Glass Soap Dispenser

This reusable glass soap dispenser with a stainless steel metal spout is very well made and won't rust. I refill it with environmentally friendly dish soap available in the bulk section of my local market. 

Reusable Spray Bottles

These glass bottles from Sally's Organics are very durable, refillable and great for making your own DIY cleaners (See DIY Cleaners). They do have a plastic spray nozzle but I'm not against all plastic if it can be reused. These nozzles are high-quality and should last a long time.  

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