Favorite Products

Below are links to some of our favorite products we have used, tested, and really like. The links go to the company web site where you can learn more about them. Or links take you to Amazon. Note: we receive no monetary compensation for these links.

Bamboo Toothbrush

There are many good bamboo toothbrushes on the market. I particularly like Senza Bamboo because it comes in "ultra-soft" and I have sensitive gums. The package and the sleeve wrapped around the brush are both compostable/recyclable. 

Dental Lace Floss

This floss is made of silk which is compostable and comes in a cute little glass container. It also comes with a refill. Even the material the floss is wrapped in is plant-based and compostable! It is very durable. 

Glass Spray Bottles

​I love these bottles from Sally's Organics which is an ethical, environmentally responsible company selling sustainably sourced products. These can be purchased on Amazon.

Beechwood Toilet Brush

I know it sounds weird, but I'm obsessed with this toilet brush! The entire brush and stand are compostable and the little clay dish can be sanitized and repurposed. It can be sanitized with hydrogen peroxide. Because it doesn't sit in water, it won't mold or get gross. 

BeesWrap and Etee Wraps

These wraps are great substitutes for Plastic Wrap. Both companies products have been used. We use them for wrapping and as a "baggie" option. Very versatile, easy to clean.


Etee Wraps 

Straws - metal, glass, bamboo

The link to LifeWithoutPlastic shows numerous options for reusable straws. There are metal, glass and bamboo to choose from. 

This site provides products in other categories.

EarthWise - Mesh Bags

We use Mesh Bags from EarthWise for many different purposes. Can be used for produce and as a snack/lunch bag. The bags are machine washable and thin (but sturdy) for bar code readers.

Hydro Flask - insulated

These flasks/cups are excellent. HydroFlask has several styles, sizes, and price ranges and keeps drinks hot or cold for hours.

Reusable Grocery Bags - Various

Your local super market will carry many difference options ranging in price from $1. There are fashion based bags and created from different materials. Cotton, Jute, netting etc.

KeepCup - glass cup, custom designs

Made of glass in different sizes. The KeepCup can be customized; different colors for the band, lid and top. Make sure the lid is on tightly before picking it up; we have broken a couple. 

Bamboo Utensils

We like BamBoo Roots  and To-Go Ware This company provides utensils in a fashionable cases. They also provide bamboo straws and other products.

IfYouCare and BioBag- various storage bags

IfYouCare and BioBag have several different types of storage bags. We have used the paper sandwich snack bags and reuse them several times. Biobags are only compostable in commercial facilities, not home compost. Those can also be reused many times.

Silicon Food Storage Bags

Amazon have several different product offerings. Leson is one of many companies. These bags are excellent for food storage in refrigerator or freezer. Prices and sizes vary. 

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